Chan Goh | Our Clientele
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Each partner of Chan & Goh LLP has specific areas of experience and practice but has also fostered the ability to work in teams to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach, which is critical in modern legal practice.

Our clients include multi-national corporations, public-listed companies, government-linked companies, and small & medium-sized enterprises.

Fund management / corporate finance


We are presently solicitors to various clients, including:-


• Solicitors to the first Malaysian fund manager to passport their funds under the ASEAN Qualifying Collective Investment Scheme framework in July 2015.

• Solicitors for several internationally renowned Luxembourg open-ended investment company’s various recognized sub-funds in Singapore.

• Solicitors for a Netherlands international investment house in relation to their Singapore umbrella fund and Luxembourg range of sub-funds.

• Solicitors for various recognized sub-funds within two internationally renowned Luxembourg funds, both of which are UCITS III umbrella funds established under the Luxembourg Law of 20 December 2002.

• Solicitors for an internationally renowned Irish open-ended investment company’s recognised sub-fund in Singapore.

• Solicitors for various Singapore fund houses in relation to their onshore funds.

• Solicitors for a major Singapore-based unit trust/funds distributor and administrator in the drafting of agreements and provision of general advisory services and advice on compliance with legislation.

• Solicitors for the registration of a local fund manager as an exempt fund manager and in application for restricted recognition of a hedge fund-of-funds established in the Cayman Islands as a mutual fund; advised on the laws and regulations relating to the fund and drafted/commented on the investment advisory agreement, placement memorandum, custodian agreement and other documents relating to the fund.

• Solicitors for a major local trust company (subsidiary of a local bank) in connection with the setting up of offshore trusts and related services.

• Solicitors for the asset management arm in Singapore of an international renowned Switzerland bank on matters relating to their funds’ structure and offers of collective investment schemes in Singapore.

• Solicitors for a Korean fund management house in drafting of portfolio management agreements and account opening package for high net worth clients.

• Solicitors for the Singapore asset management arm of a Hong Kong bank in drafting and advising on an agreement for the managing of sub-funds as insurance-linked products offered under the CPF investment scheme in Singapore.

• Solicitors for the Singapore offices of a reputable international trustee company based in Belgium in relation to their role as trustee to unit trusts in Singapore. • Solicitors for a fund established in the Cayman Islands investing in wines and wine futures, with a Cayman Islands’ investment manager and a Singapore investment advisor, and targeted at high net worth individuals and corporations.

• Solicitors for the Singapore offices of a large United States fund manager in providing advisory work in connection with their proposed fund management activities.

• Solicitors for one of the leading financial institutions in Hong Kong in the issuance of a legal opinion on the capacity of the guarantor to enter into a guarantee under Singapore laws and the enforceability of the guarantee under Singapore laws in relation to a convertible bond issuance.

• Solicitors to several US fund managers in relation to their fund offerings in Singapore.

• Solicitors to several Irish fund managers in relation to their fund offerings in Singapore.

• Solicitors to exchange-traded funds listed on the SGX-ST.

General Corporate / Corporate Commercial


• Solicitors for a Temasek-linked listed company in the aerospace industry in general corporate matters including sale and purchases of shares, subscription of shares and joint venture agreements and other listing requirements.

• Solicitors for a major listed finance company in the drafting of documents and provision of general advisory services and advice on compliance with legislation, including the requirements under the Financial Advisers Act and Financial Advisers Regulations.

• Solicitors for the software/IT division of a Korean “chaebol” in general corporate matters including the setting up of a wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore and the various legal and commercial considerations in commencing business in Singapore.

• Solicitors for various local listed companies in general corporate matters, including sale and purchase of shares, derivative transactions (ISDA), listing compliance issues and commercial litigation matters.

• Solicitors for various multinational corporations in general advisory services and drafting/reviewing of various agreements (including commercial litigation matters).

• Solicitor for an individual in drafting of sales and purchase agreement and time charter party relating to the purchase of a yacht.

• Solicitors for various other clients in drafting of shareholders’ agreements, consortium agreements, consultancy and advisory agreements, sale and purchase agreements relating to both shares and businesses, employment agreements, etc.

• Solicitors to the Board of Trustees of an international US Bank in relation to their pension fund scheme in Singapore.

• Solicitors to a Luxembourg bank in drafting of various documents, including an Introducer’s Agreement, a Letter of Authorisation relating to bank account services, custodial services and trade execution services, Facility Letter, Terms and Conditions for Margin Accounts and Memorandum of Charge.